zoe2016-15-4topZoe Olwen O’Byrne, or Zoe the Vampire is an 18 year old high school senior. Till this point her best friend Damien and her have been inseparable, but as sexual tension increased their friendship derailed. They love each other, but that love is held at bay by their differing sexual desires. Since losing her virginity to her recently returned friend Caleb, Zoe has set her sights on experiencing as much as possible whether it be with her boyfriend, with Damien and a random girl in a game store, or some senior citizen she accidentally sent a revealing pic of her own mother to. Zoe is sex crazed and in need of a good staking, to her anyone will do. Damien, on the other hand, is much more conservative when it comes to sex, wanting a standard monogamous relationship and sex that doesn’t go into any new frontiers. Can they find a happy medium where Damien can rein in Zoe while still satisfying her wild desires? Or are they cursed?


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