Zoe The Vampire is a story centered around a young girl who likes to pretend she is a vampire. She does this as a coping mechanism to the fear of her own mortality. The story centers on her sexual exploits/exploration and how that conflicts with the other thing she wants, a life with her friend Damien. This conflict is at the core of what this comic is, it will often pass into the realm of hardcore pornography but this is meant to be icing on the cake rather than the central focus. That focus is reserved for the theme of compromise, she wants Damien but also wants to experience sexual things he can’t give, like lesbian sex, or won’t consent to, like anal sex. As the story progresses will Damien try to amend his narrow views on sex? Will Zoe give up some of her desires? Will the two find a middle ground that they can both be happy with or will this only drive them apart.

The comic is told in vignettes, and each “arc” is a self contained story that, when combined with every other story, tells a much larger story. As many readers don’t understand this and instead take offense at the lack of transitions, I will illustrate. To understand what I am doing, think of each arc as a single page in a Sunday paper. This was easier for readers in the early days of doing this comic as I posted by the arc as opposed to posting weekly. But…

arc layout

Each page in an arc directly goes with the other pages in that arc. The arc is signified by the first number in the title ex. Zoe 12-1, the 12 is the arc, the 1 being the page within that story. When an arc ends that is the end of that story and the next story, while chronologically taking place AFTER previous arcs, isn’t a direct continuation. Time, sometimes only hours sometimes weeks, will have taken place prior to this story starting. It is designed to be snippets of note from her life that combine to tell the overarching story of a girls adventures and stumbles in her journey of love. What is contained in the arc is what I deem to be relevant to the overall progression of the main story and may end in the middle of action if that best serves the story. Due to the way the comic updates I try to make each page hold up with its own beginning/middle/end so that each page can, hopefully, be held up on its own merits. I don’t claim to be a funny person so not every joke will strike home but my goal is if at least 1 joke works per arc then it wasn’t completely futile to add humor to this story. I feel the humor is important to keep it from becoming melodramatic.

I strive to tell a compelling story, mixing both slice of life and gag strip elements within the confines of the vignette format. Due to this the comic isn’t meant to be read like a standard comic and if that is something you take issue with then this probably isn’t the comic for you. I Don’t claim to be a professional in art or writing and use this comic as both an outlet and as a form of practice to hone my skills and develop my style further. Even with this being a form of experimentation there is some set plot points that it will lead towards as this story has already been told, mostly, so while some aspects may alter from past iterations of the comic it is still leading towards the same conclusion. With that said the story is not rigid and will unfold organically from page to page, arc to arc with sudden changes in direction as I adapt the story to fit my moment to moment mood. I do this as a way to keep things fresh and keep my interest in the story. A bit of spontaneity between arcs keeps me invested so that I can maintain enough interest to invest the 10-20 hours a week it takes to do this comic.


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