Yes, as a project that I have been working on for many years it has gone through a couple reboots. Originally it was a series of 5 short comics that I intended to enter in a comic competition way back in 2008. When graduating college I learned how easy it was to make a website without any programming knowledge so I brought the comic out of my file cabinet and set about telling it in full. The original comic lasted 16 arcs, as well as had a few extra ones that were more mature and not featured on the site. Originally I released the comic as a family friendly affair leaving out the sex and conflicts in Zoe’s life and just emphasizing the happy carefree moments. I did this to call attention to Zoe’s personality, that she keeps herself in those moments and tries to gloss over those moments that are less happy. I continued this into the followups Carefree- Zoe losing her virginity which I chose to take place later and with Damien as I still didn’t want any conflict to be the focal point. Secret Friends- a story of Zoe cheating on Damien while pregnant focused on the awkward and uncomfortable side of experimentation as well as the shame in the aftermath. Here is where I started to open up to the idea of showing the full idea rather than just the happy moments. I then followed it up with a sequel/reboot titled Zoe Returns- in this comic it dealt with a pregnant Zoe and her growth as a person and moving into becoming a mother. Here I still didn’t fully commit to showing the full story and glossed over the relationship issues between Zoe and Damien, in the current comic I am fully committed to the conflict that arises internally and externally within Zoe’s relationships. Prior to what comes up on the site there was also 12 more arcs that preceded the first arc on the site. I chose to remove it all to better focus on the conflict. The first 12 arcs mostly dealt with Zoe and Damien being in a limbo state of “more than friends” and the conflict that arises as Zoe learns that Damien isn’t the only thing she wants.



Never say never, nothing that ends prematurely here is dead. My comics end for many reasons but top of the list is my fears that my art chops won’t be up to doing the comic justice. This is a major reason ILMB is on hiatus. I really am weak at backgrounds and getting realistic perspective. ILMB will return in a destroyed cityscape much like the world of fallout or Mad Max (with a bit less desert). I don’t feel I can portray the world they’ll inhabit well at this time and am hoping that my natural art progression will eventually allow me to tackle it head on or that I find a way to “cheat” like with the still unreleased game Dreams which I hope to be able to use to streamline a lot of the more frustrating things about drawing.



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